Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Days

A few pictures from the last couple of days.

The new teeth Caden has. Two on top and one peaking through on the bottom.

Look closely. I had to laugh (and take a picture). Caden was eating some Puffs in his highchair. He would eat the ones I gave him and then yell when he was done and I would go over and give him a couple more. (We haven't mastered "more") I left the room for a second and I hear him yelling. I assume that he has eaten his Puffs and is in need of some more. When I return this is what I found. I first noticed the one stuck on his nose and then he raised his head and I saw the one stuck under his chin. Those tricky Puffs! Sometimes it is still hard to get it into the mouth. He thought he needed more.

A Happy Father and Son on Father's Day! Yay for Daddys!

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