Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pottery Barn Ain't got Nothing on Us

Pottery Barn Painted Piece Woodwork $399.00

Amy & Ricky Painted Piece Woodwork $25.00

Pottery Barn 4' Holman Shelf x 2 $170.00

Amy & Ricky 5' Shelves x 2 $17.00


  1. So cute! Love the painted wood! We hung Drew's birthday present today...finally! We told him we would have to take a picture and send it to Uncle Ricky and Aunt Amy. He keeps asking us to take the picture! Miss you! Katie

  2. I'm telling you...Ricky has a future in crafts! I love the art. I LOVE DIY. I haven't created the deer head thing yet, but I'm totally going to when I get some $ for supplies.

  3. These are AWESOME!!! Can we purchase items from the Ogles Barn? I'd like some of those floating shelves for our front hall and bedroom!!! =)

    Maybe Ricky should do a Blog tutorial!

  4. Fancy! Rodrick and I tried a DIY canvas--it looked great and was fun to make. It didn't travel well, so we had to toss it. But, it was only $15. Looks really good.