Friday, September 11, 2009

Jammin and More Dancing

Caden has always been a big fan of music, just like his daddy. Even when he was only a couple of weeks old. Ricky tended to be in charge of Caden for a bit in the evenings before his last feeding of the night while I got ready for bed, etc (so we could all go to sleep as soon as Caden did). They usually spent their time listening to music. I must also add this was Caden's crankiest part of the day so Ricky would usually end up holding him and they would sing and dance to whatever Ricky was listening to online. To this day Caden loves when any music comes on. Nowadays he is a big dancer. He feels the rhythm and gets his grove on! Below is another video of Caden dancing. I also went to a consignment sale (might I add that I really like consignment sales). They are like garage sales for impatient people. You don't have to search through crap to find something good and you know they will have what you are looking for. Plus it is clean and you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn. Anyway all that to say that I went to a kids consignment sale up here and got Caden a leap frog guitar. He likes playing the music and dancing at the same time!

Here is the video of Caden dancing.


  1. The pic of him smiling with his guitar is adorable!!! I love this little guy!

  2. oh my! too cute! my 15-mo-old goddaughter LOVES to dance. she does the butt-shake. it's too funny. =)

  3. soooo cute! i could watch him dance over and over again. it seems like everything is going well. we miss you guys!