Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beach Trip 2012 - Around the House

We rented a house that was three bedrooms and three baths.  It was great because everyone had their own bedroom.  We had plenty of space to spread out and had all the luxuries of a house that we are used to at home.  The whole second floor was the master suite with it's own balcony.  Caden's favorite place was in his room where he had a flat screen tv.  As you see in the first picture he was regularly found sitting on the latter of his bunk bed watching the tv.  I'm not sure why he always choose to sit on the latter (I would think that the floor or a bed would have been more comfortable) but that is where he always watched from.  I guess it was cool to him.  Avery Lynn enjoyed getting into everything, but actually did exceptionally well with the stairs and didn't really attempt to mess with them too much until the last evening we were there, which was my fault because I put her on them to take some pictures.  After that she was all about them.  Here are some pictures I took of us around the house.

Caden on the latter watching tv

Avery Lynn thinking about climbing the latter

Avery Lynn on the stairs 

Caden on the stairs for a picture

I love this picture - taken in the living room

Nothing but innocent, right??? LOL

A family shot before dinner one night

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