Friday, July 20, 2012

Avery Lynn is 18 months!

It is crazy that our little girl is now 18 months old.  She had her 18mo doctors appt this week and checked out great.  She weighed 20lbs 12oz which was 24th percentile.  I was super excited!  At 12 months she was at 11%.  I'm not sure exactly how we gained that much in percentile but I'll take it.  She is still on the same track with height and head circumference.  She was 32 inches long (50th percentile) and her head still came in at the 95th percentile.  She is happy and healthy!  She is also all girl!  She loves to wear hats, bows, necklaces, and shoes.  It is crazy how opinionated she is about her accessories.  She will get quite upset with me when I choose a pair of shoes for her to wear that is different than the pair she wants to wear.  She can regularly be found wandering around the house with a hat, necklaces, and shoes she decided she needed to wear.  Lilly has recently been made into Avery Lynn's new dress-up partner.  Avery Lynn discovered that she can put hats and necklaces on Lilly.  Avery Lynn loves it!  Lilly puts up with it very nicely....  I now see why you see pictures of little girls dressing up there baby brothers.  At least Lilly is a girl.  All in all it has been a fun 18 months with her.  We are excited about the days to come.  Below you see pictures of Avery Lynn and Lilly.  And then some that I took of Avery Lynn at Shelter Gardens here in town.  We went one morning a did a photo shoot.  : )

Avery Lynn and Lilly wearing hats

Avery Lynn helping Lilly get on her necklaces

So proud of her accomplishment!

Shelter Gardens Photo Shoot

Where did the puppy go?

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  1. Poor Lilly! She is such a good dog...She deserves another day at the dog park!