Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caden's 6 Month Pictures

We got Caden's 6 month pictures taken last weekend by Jessica Risinger a photographer here in Memphis. We love working with her. We always end up with lots of good proofs which make for a hard decision when it comes time to order prints. Here is a link to her website if you would like to view his proofs.

It really isn't that difficult and I'm sure you could figure it out, but here are the directions as to how to find his proofs and you need the password found in #5 below.

1. You first enter the sight by clicking on either the girls picture (for faster connections) or Caden and Lilly's picture (for slower connections). I would recommend going with the fast connection.
2. Near the right hand bottom corner you find the link to Client Proofing - Click here
3. Click on the Children section (even though you see our family picture in the family section)
4. Click on "Caden O."
5. To login enter my email address ( and the password is o030709. That is a lower case "o" as in Ogles and then the date 03-07-09. So you type "o" followed by zero three zero seven zero nine.
6. Enjoy


  1. The pictures are really cute. You guys are such a cute little family.

  2. What cute pictures! Caden looks just like you!