Monday, March 23, 2009

What a Week

We are recovering from a busy week, last week. There was an activity almost everyday, most of which were related to Match Day. It was a lot of fun. We enjoyed getting to hang out with everyone, especially since it is starting to sink in that in a couple of months everyone will be scattered across the U.S.

Monday: We played with Chapman as you saw the post (and cute pics) earlier last week and we found out that Ricky had Matched somewhere. Later that night Ricky went out downtown with some of the guys to celebrate Matching.

Tuesday: There was a Crawfish boil that took place for the M4s. Here is a picture of Caden after we returned from the Crawfish boil. It was also St. Patricks Day so he was sporting his green.

Wednesday: I think we took a break this day and awaited the news that would arrive on Thursday.

Thursday: We attended the legendary opening of the envelopes at the Cadre Building in downtown Memphis where we found out that we Matched in Columbia, MO. It was a very exciting morning that started with brunch appetizers followed by lots of excited yelling, smiling, and hugging as everyone opened their envelopes that revealed what the future would hold. That night there was a big party for the 4th years to celebrate. Ricky attended this one along (well really with our good friends Katie and Jason) and I stayed home to put the little one to bed.

Here are some pictures from Match Day!

Friday: We went to a BBQ at one of Ricky's classmates house. It was also fun and again everyone was celebrating Matching. Here is a picture of Ricky and Caden at the BBQ.

Saturday: Amanda came down to watch Caden. Ricky and I went to the Caduceus Ball at the Peabody hotel in downtown Memphis. One of our friends put it well comparing it to a Med-School Prom.

We had to take a picture with Caden before we left.

These are our friends Jason and Katie Yaun

A picture of some of the girls

The coolest dessert ever! A white chocolate duck filled with chocolate mousse. For those of you unfamiliar with the Peabody Hotel they are known for their (live) ducks that come down to the hotel lobby daily and swim in the fountain.

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  1. Good times were had by all. You looked to pretty on Saturday night! Oh and Yay for susters who babysit!