Wednesday, November 11, 2009

V-O-L-S Go Vols Go

For Ricky's birthday I got us tickets to the UT vs Memphis game in Knoxville last weekend. We had a blast and cheered the Vols to Victory. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Orange & White Corvette (Ricky thought it was pretty cool)

Vol Walk. You can't tell very well in this picture, but the players are the ones dressed in black. Being my first experience seeing the Vol Walk I found it a little crazy. These college football players are like Superstars to these people. They are sought after like famous celebrities. Cool but also CRAZY!

Here is a picture of James Denton (the guy from Desperate Housewives). He was right behind us for the Vol walk and in this picture was posing with somebody for a photo.

We met up with some of the guys Ricky went to Med School with.

The Game. UT won...Big Time
For those of you looking for pictures of Caden (not Ricky and I). A picture of Owen and Caden playing in the backyard.


  1. Oh what a GREAT b-day gift! Because we went there for college, I guess I forget how cool the VOL Walk is and how fun it is to see it for the first time. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. LOVE the pics! So glad you guys had fun and so glad the VOLS won!!! =)