Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yay Cow!

We went to visit a Dairy Farm in town last week with a playgroup. Caden enjoyed seeing all the cows, petting the baby cows, and learning that milk comes from cows. I wanted to share a funny story about seeing the baby cows. Caden was standing at one of the cows pens and it started to pee. He looked back at me like what in the world? I told him that the cow was going pee pee. The next thing I know he is clapping and saying Yay! I had to laugh. Caden's best buddy up here has been potty training so Caden is aware that when someone (or something evidently) goes pee pee (usually in the potty to get the response) you clap and cheer for them. Caden was just passing along the encouragement to the cow as well. Too funny.

Hi Cow!


  1. Glad the backpack comes in handy on field trip days!

  2. love him! such a big boy! backpack and all