Saturday, May 21, 2011

4 Months

Avery Lynn

This post is all about Avery Lynn, Caden will get one of his own shortly. I noticed that I don't post for a while and then I do several posts in a row. Take what you get, I guess. I'm only 10 days past Avery Lynn turning 4 months old for this post, but she is still technically 4 month so here are her stats from her doctors appointment, a few fun things she is doing now, and of course some cute pictures of her.

4 Months old

Weight: 12 lbs, 14 oz

Height: 27 inches

She is growing up so fast. She is rolling from her belly to her back a lot and she has gone from her back to belly once. She is smiling and laughing. We love to hear her laugh, it is too cute! I think she is going to be loud and talk a lot, like her brother. I was hoping for a quieter child but I think we might just have the loudest house on the block once she can talk too. But to get a chance to talk at all I guess she will have to be this way. We"ll see, but I predict she will be a talker. She's a cutie and we love her!

Getting dry after bath

Her Big Blue Eyes

Enjoying the swing

Trying out the highchair for the first time

First time joining us up at the table for dinner. She didn't eat anything, her dinner came shortly after, but she did enjoy putting her feet on the table and chewing on her fist.

Doesn't she look thrilled.


  1. She is too cute! months what a big girl and already rolling over. I guess she's got to keep up with her big brother.

  2. Love the pictures! She is so pretty. Caden has had a lot of his own posts, time for one just for Avery Lynn. ha, ha! She is such a cutie!

  3. she is SO cute! Can you believe Remi already weighs 12 lbs. and 6 oz! He's a chunker