Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to School for Caden!

Caden is officially in Elementary School!  He started kindergarten this year and is loving it.  As I expected, he did great with the transition and has enjoyed meeting so many friends and becoming much more independent.  And Wow, I had no idea how much kids learn in Kindergarten these days. They are much more advanced beyond the stuff we learned back when I was in kindergarten.  The  days of the "letter people" to help you learn your ABCs are gone.  They are already doing sight words and reading.  Crazy!  Here are some pictures from the first day of school and a couple from later in the week as well.

Backpack on and ready to go
If you know Caden then you know he made this pose on his own

We got to school a few minutes before we needed to so we took a couple of  pictures in the car : )
And a silly face one

Another morning the first week

Walking into school

By one of many Pete the Cat bulletin boards in his hallway 

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