Friday, September 19, 2014

Caden's Birthday Party

This year Caden chose to have a Wild Kratts themed Birthday Party.  He loves everything animal related and loves watching Wild Kratts so that's what we went with.  We did a swimming party at MawMaw and Papa Dewrock's house in Cape,  Caden had a blast swimming with his cousins.  We played some games and the kids got to utilize their creature power discs.  I got a lot of inspiration and info for the Wild Kratts theme from a blog online found here for anyone who might be interested in doing the same theme.  What did people do before the internet???  Caden enjoyed the party and that is really all that matters.  The weather was good and we got to celebrate our boy turning 6!

The kids Goodie Bag Items

Cupcakes with Wild Kratt Toppers

The birthday boy in his cool birthday shirt!

Enjoying the pool

All the kids loved the slide!

The girls

Walking on ice blocks like a polar bear (for the polar bear creature power disc)

Safely carrying their platypus eggs (water balloons) to their nest.

Carefully placing the "eggs" in the nest for the Platypus creature power disc

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