Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can't Walk in My Own House

Where does all of this stuff come from? I pack and pack and pack. There are boxes literally everywhere and there is still more to pack everywhere I look! How is this possible. We haven't even been married for 4 years how did we possibly accumulate so much. Of course I am a bit of a pack rat, but I think I've purged a lot for this move. Yet we can't even fit all of our boxes in our house and still have room to walk. Caden has minimal space left, but he doesn't seem to mind. He is getting very mobile. He doesn't quite have a fluent crawl down yet (although he can get on all fours and rock). I've seen him actually crawl (like two movements forward) only once, but I know it is coming. Of course he still wiggles, rolls, and turns to get to anything and everything that he wants. So even though he isn't technically crawling, he doesn't stay in any one place too long. He even moves in his exersaucer now. I'll included a video later that shows how he rocks in it and scoots it across the floor to get whatever he is after at the moment. I am actually hoping he doesn't get the full hang of crawling until after we move so that at least he will have a little more space and won't be into absolutely everything.

Caden sporting his legendary mohawk. You wouldn't believe how many people ask us if we style (or cut) his hair that way. In case you didn't know, NO we don't purposely give our child a mohawk. He is naturally blessed with that (no matter how I try to comb it). Well I might have helped for this picture.

Caden in the laundry basket (full of clean clothes). He is such a big helper!


  1. Hehe So cute!!! I totally get the war with the boxes! UGH!!!

  2. Those pictures are soooo precious!!

  3. i felt like the more stuff i packed, the more the stuff multiplied... like the loaves and fishes. it's ridiculous. i completely understand the annoyance!!!!!