Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer Fun

Last weekend we went to Heber Springs with family to spend the weekend in a lovely lake house. We had a good time, but it would have been even nicer if it would have stopped raining (even for a little bit) while we were there. We were able to go out on the deck and enjoy some bubbles which Caden loved. Caden's grandma brought them along thinking that Chapman (his older cousin) would enjoy and he did, but Caden thought they were pretty cool too. He liked trying to get them.
Caden also went to the Zoo for the first time on Tuesday. The weather was nice and we decided to take advantage of Free Zoo Tuesday before we leave Memphis. Caden enjoyed the animals that moved around quick enough to catch his attention. He liked the sea lion swimming by, the penguins being fed, and he thought the water falls throughout the zoo were cool. The giraffes and elephants were rather boring (again as I said before they didn't move much and therefore he didn't really get what to look at).

Caden and Ricky watching the Sea Lion swim.

Caden and I posing in front of the leopard.

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  1. What fun. I'm going to miss seeing that little guy grow up in person, but I guess the blogesphere will have to do.