Thursday, May 28, 2009


Caden made the cut. He gets to go with us!

We're almost all packed. I can't believe it. What is even crazier is that Ricky will be a Doctor tomorrow. Not that I'm surprised that he will be an M.D, a good one at that. It is just a little crazy that it has been four years already and he is now going to be a "true" doctor, not just a med school student. WE MADE IT! Hooray! We are even still married and had a beautiful baby boy! We went on a few trips, did a few fun Memphis things, made some good friends and now it is time to move on to the next step, residency. We had a pretty good four years. While we are glad to leave Memphis (it isn't that bad of a place to live, we just envisioned something a little different), it is sad as well. This is the only place we have lived as a "married couple." We will miss the convenience of living in a bigger city and having so many stores, restaurants, activities available within a few minutes. And of course we will miss all of the good friends we made. But I look forward to living in a city where I don't have to think twice about Caden playing outside in yard by himself and that people can get their groceries without being mugged and beaten. Memphis is Crazy at times. We will come back to visit and we hope everyone stays in touch.

Who will Caden ride the Carousel with? We will miss you Yauns!

Dad Duty. The Dads had to ride the carousel with the boys.

Another cute picture, just for the heck of it. I was washing Caden's bumper from his crib and he was have fun peaking through the slats at us.

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