Monday, August 17, 2009

10:10 pm

10:10 pm August 15, 2008
Caden Lyle

10:10 pm August 15, 2009
Caden Lyle - 1 yr old

A lot of things have changed in the past year...Not only for Ricky and I but for Caden as well. I get a lot less sleep, at least on the weekends. Sleeping in until noon or even 10am is no longer an option. However, we have been blessed with a good sleeper so we can't complain. We do get to sleep without interruption (at least most nights). Caden has grown a lot (stats to come when we have our 1 yr check up). Caden can now talk ("Mama", "Dada", "Uh-Oh", "ish" for fish, I swear he said "eye" last night when he pointed to my eye). He is very mobile, crawling and pulling up on everything. Walking with help or with a toy. The past year has been tons of fun and Ricky and I have gotten to experience so much of it! I'm very excited that I have gotten to stay home with Caden on a daily basis and Ricky has gotten to be home a lot as well as the fourth year of Med school allowed for some much needed time off. It has been a blast and we are excited about the years to come.

Family pic a year ago

Family Picture Aug. 15, 2009

I will post some more pictures from his birthday and birthday party sometime soon.


  1. Beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your reflections.

  2. Happy Birthday Caden! I can't believe I will be doing the same thing about this time next year!

  3. HAPPY B-DAY CADEN!!!!! You baby sitters miss you BUNCHED!!!

  4. Can't believe how big he's gotten!!! Love the pictures!

  5. Wow! He is so big and such a cutie. It is amazing to see the difference a year makes. Time sure does fly.