Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still Friends...

Lilly has put up with Caden for 12 months now. Not always happily, but she thinks he is fun at least some of the time. He will now throw her toys for her and she enjoys another person doing that. Although he also steals her toys from her, he has a history or coming up and just taking the bone she is chewing right out of her mouth. Thankfully she is a wonderful dog and allows him to do this without biting off his hand. But she is beginning to stand her ground a little more. She will now take the bone back from him. Of course, Caden doesn't enjoy this and he throws a little fit as if someone has just stolen his favorite toy that he was playing with. But it usually doesn't last long as we remind him that was Lilly's toy and she was playing with it first. : - )

Anyway Caden and I went to the dollar store yesterday and I found the cutest stick pony, for $1. Caden saw me looking at them and he wanted to see it. So I handed it to him but then I wasn't able to get it back from him. I took it back (to put it up) and he started to scream..So I caved. I figured it was his birthday week and it was only a $1. He can have it. Katie warned me the other day of this. I have a history of going to the toy department at Walmart before I start my shopping and grabbing a toy or a book or something to occupy Caden as I do my shopping. It has worked great up to this point. Usually by the end of the store he has lost interest in it and I simply put it back before we check out. It works great. But Katie said, that may not last much longer.... Well I'm hoping it was just that we didn't spend as much time in Dollar Tree as we do in Walmart and that was the problem. He still liked it when I tried to take it away. I guess we'll see next time I do it at Walmart. Maybe I should pick a cheap toy just in case. : - ) But back to my point. Caden played with the stick pony all afternoon and I captured a video of him and Lilly playing with it. Not exactly the way you typically play with a stick pony but they don't seem to mind.

Here are a couple of other pictures from this weekend and yesterday.
Caden found out that the water hose was pretty cool.

Want a drink Lilly?

Caden and Owen playing

Lilly observing Owen and Caden playing.


  1. He he! This is too cute! I can't wait for him to start talking! Man I also can't believe he's turning 1 this week!