Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Crazy

No not me...It's my 20 month old son. He is baby obsessed! Since we went home at Easter and he got to see his baby cousin, Caroline, he is really into babies. Literally every day he goes to the front door and wants to let "baby" in. Of course, there is no baby at our door...but daily we have this conversation. He asks about "baby" regularly. He can spot babies when we are out, etc. He doesn't really want to do much with the babies when we are with them.... he just wants to admire them from afar. He doesn't want to say hello or anything, just watch them. Last night I decided to get out a baby doll that was in his closet since I was pregnant. We used the baby a few times with the dog before Caden was born to try to get her ready. Anyway I asked Caden if he wanted me to find a baby doll and of course he said yes so I got it out. He Loved It! He carried it around all night. They baby got lots of hugs and kisses. We all had to lay on the floor with the baby while it took a nap, he rubbed the baby's back, he even had the baby petting Lilly. It was too funny. When it became bedtime I couldn't even get him to part with the baby so the baby slept with him last night. And this morning of course it started all over again. Too Funny! But before you go and assume that he is ready for a sibling I might add that I did have to tell him to quit throwing the baby this morning. So I'm not sure he is quite there. : - )