Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tons of Trucks

Our Parks and Recreation held their annual Tons of Trucks Night last night and it was a blast! It was held in a big parking lot in a city park. There were all kinds of big trucks (everything from school buses, police cars, fire engines, tractors, dump trucks, etc.) for the kids to drive, sit and play in. More or less it was an evening of kids running wild honking horns and sirens going off. Needless to say Caden thought it was awesome. We had to park far away so the whole way walking up he kept saying WOW! because he could hear the horns and sirens. He loved it even more when we got close enough to actually see the trucks. Then today for playgroup we toured a local Fire station where he got to get in a firetruck again. What fun!
First time on a school bus. The boy loves his school buses. He can spot them anywhere. In fact he spotted this one from the road as we where coming into the park.
Caden the Firefighter
Driving a Tractor
Running in the back of a FedEx truck

Caden driving the Garbage Truck which smelled very much like garbage

Caden driving the Tow Truck...with Daddy's help

Caden on the front of the Fire Engine during the tour for Playgroup

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