Friday, December 10, 2010

Hard Headed Little Boys

Thank God that he gives little boys hard heads! And also that he gives family's little girls so they don't have total craziness. : - ) I love my little boy....but he is all boy. Loud, crazy, etc. But thankfully he also has a hard head. I mean literally here, not when he is choosing to disobey and do his own thing but when he actually hits his head on something. The reason behind this post is that the other night Caden and I were in the living room while Ricky was working in the garage. Caden was running with one of Lilly's toys (the dog) and Lilly was chasing him (a favorite game in our house) then I hear CRACK! I run to him as he is on the floor holding his head and screaming. I take a quick look at him and scoop him up and run to the garage to tell Ricky that I need him. Then I run back to the living room and reevaluate him again. Let me just say Caden hits and bumps things all the time but this was a serious CRACK. There was no doubt in my mind that his head was not split in half. Obviously Ricky is inside at this point and we realize that he "just" has a huge knot on his forehead. So after we held the Elmo Boo Boo ice pack on it for a while he recovered and so did I. I am usually very calm in these situations but I failed in this one. Luckily the loud crack I heard was the wall splitting open and not Caden's head. Take a look.

Here is the corner of the wall where he hit. Notice he not only knocked the paint off the wall he also knocked a hole in it.

The knot on his forehead. It was a good one. But I still can't believe it didn't break the skin.


  1. Oh my goodness! What a hard hit. I'm sure glad Caden's head held up better than the wall did. What a great time for a hole in your wall, I know that was part of your nesting plans!

  2. At least Caden is smiling about the whole thing!
    Although I'm sure he wasn't smiling at the time. Thank goodness for Elmo ice packs!

  3. Caden: 1 - Wall: 0 Taknk heavens for little boys and their hard heads!